About me

Why UX?
I often find myself thinking and caring about others, which I got from growing up in Japan. However, after moving outside of Japan I often felt that these thoughts were not being put to any use. When I started looking into the field of design and discovered UX, it made me so happy that I could use my empathy as a skill in this craft. I hope to combine my passion for caring for others with an interest in creating user-centered designs. In my free time, I’m learning how to code HTML and CSS on my own. (I made this website from scratch!)
Kotomi wearing a Hakama, Japanese traditional clothes, for her graduation
Kotomi in the Netherlands
I worked for a travel agency in Japan, where I crafted unique tours with team members from multiple backgrounds and countries. I spent a lot of time researching destinations and putting myself into customers’ shoes for smooth and happy travels. When the Pandemic hit, I transitioned to working as a childcare provider in response to the significant downturn in the travel industry. Currently, I work as a UX designer at a Japanese startup, specializing in the design of Shopify apps and client-based projects.
Outside of design I am...
kotomi's dogs'
a dog lover
beutiful food
a foodie
kotomi playing volleyball
a volleball enthusiast
kotomi in the Death Valley Nationa Park
a traveller